Security Solutions

Network security safeguards the reliability, availability and performance of an organisations network by protecting IT assets from threats like malware, ransomware and denial-of-service attacks. An essential component of network optimisation is network security solutions that prevent costly attacks and increase business productivity by keeping networks functioning properly.

Network Scanning, System Sense can efficiently scan networks and provide reports that are easy to understand. Our generated reports assist our clients in determining the following:

penetration testing

A pen test is an authorised simulated cyber-attack on a computer system, performed to evaluate the security of the system. System Sense can perform these tests to identify vulnerabilities including the potential for unauthorised parties to gain access to the systems features and data, as well as strengths. System sense can then enable a full risk assessment to be completed, from the assessment results we work on eliminating the vulnerabilities.

load balancers

As computing moves evermore to the cloud, Load Balancing plays a key role in security. The off-loading function of a load balancer defends an organization against attacks. It does this by shifting attack traffic from the corporate server to a public cloud provider. Attacks represent a large portion of cybercrime as their number and size continues to rise. Hardware defines, such as a perimeter firewall, can be costly and require significant maintenance. Software load balancers with cloud offload provide efficient and cost-effective protection. System has implemented this technology to several of its clients and can run security audits on load balancers as well.

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